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Since 2001, NOCASH contributes to the development of the electronic payment industry in Romania.

NOCASH contributes since 2001 to the development of the electronic payments market in Romania.

The first web platform in Romania for banking products (cards, in 2001) comparison is a NOCASH product launched in a period in which many cards issuers didn’t have a website.

The first Financial Fair in which financial and banking products were sold (ExpoInvest – in 2002) was organized by NO CASH long before the retail banking business explosion in Romania.

In 2004 NOCASH organized the press conference dedicated to the launch of the 3D secure standard in a moment when many Romanians were not familiar with the electronic trade.

NOCASH was the initiator and contributor to the creation of organizations having as scope to represent the interests of the electronic payments industry in the relationship with the authorities – in 2007, The Association for Electronic Payments in Romania.

Over 50 workshops, conferences, round tables, exhibitions, and other events dedicated to the development of the electronic payments industry were organized so far by NOCASH.

In 2016, 20 years since the issuing of the first payment instruments in Romania, NOCASH made the first research relevant at the national level in order to observe the non-cash payment behaviors changes.

NOCASH organizes every year the most important event of the electronic payments industry in Romania, the NOCASH Gala, where excellence awards are granted to the leader of the market, based on the best results in their activity.

NOCASH owns and manages since 2001 the first and the only news platform in Romania dedicated exclusively to the electronic payment industry,

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Nocashevents About us  ANDREEA TANASE

Andreea is an independent photojournalist with 15 years experience in press photography. In her career she has addressed various topics, from news to social reports and photo documentaries and explored the Romanian life and culture. She worked for top newspapers in Romania, and collaborated with major magazines and photo agencies in Romania as well as abroad.

Her photos and articles appeared in publications such as National Geographic Romania, Geo Romania, Foreign Policy Romania, British Photo Agency, Intact Images, Ostphoto, Amnesty International Journal, Ararat Magazine, Die Welt,Die Tageszeitung, Die Presse etc.Andreea has a Communication and Public Relations degree from the Ecological University of Bucharest, graduated from the New York Institute of Photography, USA, has completed photojournalism courses organized by the Centre for Independent Journalism in Bucharest and completed a Masters degree in Information Management in Combating Terrorism at the Intelligence Academy “Mihai Viteazul” in Bucharest.

Nocashevents About us  ROBERT ZANESCU

Robert Zanescu is the The Senior Marketing Partner of Nocash Events. He is an expert in marketing and communications with over 20 years of experience.

Leo Burnett, Reckitt Benckiser, Raiffeisen Bank, Eurobank Group and National Bank of Greece in Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and South-East Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania) are companies and countries where Robert Zanescu developed his focus on RESULTS – achieving the objectives by working at leading edge of productivity and performance, EXPRESIVENESS – an experience in relationship and communication and last, but not least, INVOLVEMENT – a perspective on contribution, by touching and inspiring the lives of the others for making a difference.

Nocashevents About us  TUDOR NISTOR

Tudor is specialized on e-payments and e-money regulatory matters as well as on  project finance transactions. He advised international clients on the regulatory framework (PSD, e-money directive) applicable to electronic money and payment services in Romania.
By combining his client-side experience with regulatory experience, Tudor offers knowledgeable, responsive and comprehensive advice for businesses that are interested in electronic payments and e-money at any level and at any point in the value chain.

Tudor expertise spreads upon areas like PSD/PSD2 , Electronic Payments ,  E-money, Prepaid instruments, E-wallets, Mobile Payments, AML, Merchant Agreements, PSP Agreements, PF Agreements, Consumer aspects, T&Cs,  Acquiring, Issuing of payments instruments, Regulatory, Contracts, Payments in online-gambling, Licensing, Compliance.

Nocashevents About us  IOAN MIHAILESCU

Ioan is specializing in creating the perfect experience for corporate travelers wishing to make their business visit to the capital of Romania as memorable as possible.

Ioan will help you choose the perfect tour or guided transfer from the airport or other venue as well as booking restaurants, airport transfers or the multilingual tour guides only (if the company you represent wants to use its own cars) and any other travel services you may need, according to your needs and budget.

He is specialized in tours encompassing Bucharest, its surroundings and all Romania.

Nocashevents About us  SERGIU CONE

In his over 20 years of journalism experience, Sergiu focused on financial analysis journalism – he is the Great Award winner for Economic Journalism at the first edition of the awards organized by the Romanian Press Club in 2000.

Sergiu is a specialist in the electronic payments segment and is an efficient event organizer – he has in his events portfolio over 50 projects. The pinacle of those events is the Gala NOCASH series, the most impotant event of the cards industry in Romania.

His achievements list contains the design and implementation of the first web platform, in 2001, for financial products comparisson (cards). Also he organized the first fair for financial products in which the visitors were able to actually purchase a product on the spot (ExpoInvest – in 2002). This happened one year before the retail banking explosion in Romania.

Sergiu launched the first annual reports of the cards market in Romania, organized the press conference for the launch of the 3D secure standard in Romania, and contributed to the launch of the Romanian Association for Electronic Payments (for over 8 years he was their General Secretary).

Sergiu Cone and his company, NO CASH CAPITAL CONSULT, are undisputed, reliable “brand-names” for the electronic payments industry in Romania.


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