New aproach for a wider and faster uptake – Open Banking data fees to incentivise banks, especially large ones

Business banking platform Tide has accused the UK’s banks of dragging their feet on Open Banking, arguing for the introduction of data fees to incentivise the sector to promote wider uptake, according to Finextra. In a submission to the Competition and Markets Authority review into governance arrangement for the new entity to take over from the Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE), Tide proposes removing the block on charging to access data […]

Finqware & Asseco SEE partners with CEC Bank to push forward open banking in Romania

CEC Bank, one of the largest retail banks in Romania, becomes one of the first banks to commercially launch features based on open banking in the CEE region. In the Romanian market, CEC Bank and Banca Transilvania, the market leader, having launched a similar feature in its NEO platform in September 2020, are the only players capitalizing on the implementation of Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) by connecting to data […]

ING Tech Romania a dezvoltat un proiect ce permite clientilor servicii de agregare cont si initiere plati. Solutia va fi integrata in toate tarile unde ING Bank este prezenta, in 2021.

Proiectul Casy dezvoltat de ING Tech Romania, permite clienţilor să îşi centralizeze într-o singură aplicaţie nu doar conturile de la toate băncile din România, cât şi posibilitatea să integreze conturi deschise la bănci şi fintech-uri din Uniunea Europeană, scrie Business Magazin. Mai mult decât atât, Casy permite odată ce clientul şi-a dat acordul să integreze conturile sale bancare în aplicaţie, sa nu mai fie nevoit să reintroducă sau să reconfirme datele […]