The future of finance is embedded

an article written by Panagiotis Kriaris – Head Of Business Development at Unzer Embedded finance is proving to be the next big thing in financial services with its impact set to reverberate across industries. Let’s take a look. Simply defined embedded finance has to do with incorporating financial services into non-FS offerings. Perhaps we don’t realize it at first glance, but chances are that we have all been using embedded […]

„The next phase of the fintech disruption is moving beyond open banking to embedded finance” – KPMG says

With financial services globally and in Singapore shifting towards embedded finance, KPMG announced today the launch of Singapore’s first Embedded Finance Hub (the Hub) with ambitions to accelerate the adoption of embedded finance in the country. The Hub, set to run for at least 2 years is expected to provide incubation support to over 120 non-financial enterprises and financial institutions looking to make inroads into financial areas such as payments, blockchain, lending, […]

The trends transforming today’s digital banking. Hyper-personalisation of banking services – from target groups to target person.

article written by Vasile Valcov, Chief Commercial Officer at Salt Edge Close your eyes for a second. Imagine you’ve just looped into the future and are now getting ready to order something online. You’re scrolling through websites, looking for the perfect match between price and quality. All of the sudden, you get a notification on your smartphone: it’s your bank app that has just found the most suitable offer for […]