Allessandro Agnoletti – Head of Innovation at SIA

Nocashevents Allessandro Agnoletti -  Head of Innovation at SIA

Graduated in International Management from the Catholic University of Milan and with an MBA from the College des Ingenieurs in Paris, he began his professional career at Bain & Company, specializing in the development of innovation strategies and new business models and in the implementation of operations of M&A in the European context. In 2014 he took on the role of Digital Innovation Manager of H-Farm where he deals with the management of digital transformation projects in favor of leading Italian companies.

In CDILabs, a startup co-founded in 2015, he is Chief Operating Officer and responsible for the innovation projects of cross-sector companies, institutional investors and international startups. Since April 2020 he has been Head of Innovation of SIA with the responsibility of creating and supporting the implementation of the company’s innovation strategy to develop and coordinate the related processes and to enrich the portfolio of innovation projects through internal and external skills in favor of the overall results of SIA.

Agnoletti is also a Fintech Mentor for Level 39, an international community of leaders in the fintech and cybersecurity sectors, Advisor of the European Startup Prize, a European award for public-private innovation, and of Fuori Quota, a non-profit association committed to enhancing talent female and to overcome gender inequalities.

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