Augustin Dobre – Chief Operating Officer at Twispay

Nocashevents Augustin Dobre - Chief Operating Officer at Twispay  Augustin is an experienced professional with a notable background in financial services, banking and IT. As Chief Operating Officer, he is currently in charge of leading operations and ensuring business development for Twispay.

Twispay is a brand used by Capital Financial Services, a financial institution that provides online payment services for European e-commerce businesses, where Augustin is involved in and overseeing numerous projects in payments, financial services, loyalty programs and marketing services.

He has a strong experience in IT, Operations, Risk, Compliance, Accounting, and Sales. He truly believes that innovation and AI will be the driving force for the financial sector.

Prior to his current role at Twispay, Augustin rose through the ranks of an Acquiring Divison of a valuable player in the Romanian banking sector. Consolidating his knowledge in sales management, leadership and financial technology, his passion has always been technology and the fintech scene.

Augustin’s expertise revolves around areas such as sales management, partner channel management, B2B sales, customer experience, business development management, business consultancy, employees development, leadership development.

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