Austėja Šostakaitė – Project Manager of digital euro at Bank of Lithuania


Austėja Šostakaitė leads the work on the digital euro in the Bank of Lithuania. In the current role as a project manager, she is coordinating local digital euro project tasks and conducting quality assurance as a member of the project steering group within the Eurosystem. It includes analysing policy and technical questions for CBDC implementation in national, regional, and international contexts, coordinating policy position regarding digital euro project management and product strategy.

Her prior experience spans a market infrastructure expert role at the ECB focusing on policy and technical aspects of CBDC, experimentation on digital euro and analysis of DLTs, privacy enhancing techniques, programmable money.

Previous work also focused on the novel technologies for the financial infrastructures and resulted in papers on DLT, instant payments and digital currency experiments published in peer-reviewed journals.

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