BANKING 4.0 – the autumn edition – November 22 & 23 – focused on the EMBEDDED strategy

Fasten your seat belts for cloudy banking in a recessionary world: from all lock-down to everything price-up.

The pandemic supercharged digital banking—and this shift created an array of new challenges and imposed banks to develop new business models, which allowed flows to be optimized and operational performance to be improved. Forced by lock-down, banks have invested heavily in digitization. But despite the amounts invested, banks still have – more or less – about the same products, the same platforms and offer the same user experience.

How do you stay relevant and make a difference to the consumer? How do you convince the customer to choose you? Try this: develop a strategy through which each customer will have his product!

To identify the right strategy is never an easy task.

There’s a concept in the blockchain world called a hard fork, defined as: “A change to a network’s protocol that makes previously invalid blocks and transactions valid, requiring all users to upgrade to the latest version of the protocol software.” For banks, embedded is the new “protocol” – but they must decide between an embedded fintech and an embedded finance strategy.

All the answers you need only at Banking 4.0!

This year’s edition comes with a series of innovations, both in terms of thematic content, development format and management structure. A different approach, with an emphasis on workshops supported by international experts with priceless experience in the field.

Also, for the sixth edition, the Advisory Board is made of business people with undeniable experience. Thus, we ensure everything we promised will be successfully delivered.

The role of the Advisory Board is to validate & improve the structure and the content of the event. They provide support, including by providing speakers.

Worldline, #1 European payment processor, is the Platinum Partner (confirmed so far) for this edition. As leading European payment service provider, Worldline combines long-standing proven expertise in traditional mass payment systems (issuing, acquiring, intra- and interbank payment processing) and innovative e-commerce and mobile payment solutions. The company provides Europe’s most extensive end-to-end service portfolio both for payments and card transactions and offer cross-border availability of value-added services for banks, financial institutions and corporates.