Bulent Tekmen – Co-Founder at Colendi

Nocashevents Bulent Tekmen - Co-Founder at Colendi

Bulent Tekmen is an experienced investor and a mentor highly valued by the fintech community.
As a co-founder of Next Ventures – a UK-based Venture Capital with the aim of “helping startups with financial support and network to create stories of success” – he invests in more than 30 promising fintech projects like Coinbase, Circle and Colendi.

Bulent Tekmen founded Colendi in 2016 as a financial services platform, to help consumers, merchants, and financial institutions with its first bank-independent Credit Scoring and Micro Credit. Colendi serves as an end-to-end or comprehensive white-label financial and microcredit platform. The firm’s flagship product is its blockchain-based intelligent credit scoring and fraud detection service.

The solution was launched in 2018. Its components include a digital score calculated by the Colendi protocol, a self-sovereign digital identity, and a online wallet to manage Colendi Tokens.

Colendi offers its customers financial services, such as payment systems, and credit opportunities via its grading algorithm using artificial intelligence and big data. The firm graded 2.4 million people during the last 12 months (September 2021/September 2020).

The company’s solutions also include a payments API, a credit marketplace and merchant network, as well as financial solutions for taking payments and performing funds transfers.

Colendi is the biggest fintech company in Turkey. In September, the company has received a Series A investment of $30 million (25.6 million euro) through a valuation of $120 million, thus becoming the local startup that has attracted the largest amount of Series A investment so far. Colendi ticks all the boxes to be the next unicorn of Turkey.
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