Daniel Goldscheider, Co-founder & CEO at yes.com

Nocashevents Daniel Goldscheider, Co-founder & CEO at yes.com

Daniel is the co-founder and the CEO of yes.com, a digital banking platform and an ecosystem of over 1,000 financial institutions. Via the yes ecosystem, all German bank customers (more than 35 million) have the option of making their identity data available to third parties for legitimation. Customers of the banks can log in to and identify with partners with their existing online banking access data via yes. Using yes® customers simply sign in to apps and websites with their online banking login, verify their identity or sign documents.

In addition, there are far-reaching new ways of service expansion within the entire yes ecosystem in the direction of credit risk management, fraud prevention and payment initiation. Furthermore, end customers are able to use the yes ecosystem to pass on categorized information (for example in tax returns) and an automated budget bill (for example for loan inquiries) to partners in a very secure, transparent and data-saving way.

Before yes.com he co-founded Mediaguide together with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers as well as Aureus Private Equity. Daniel also served on the boards of the Global Footprint Network and Identity Trust Management.
He is a consultant and investor in numerous high-tech startups.

What Daniel always wanted to say to the banking industry:

“You enjoy the highest level of trust, you have the best data and the strongest keys that have been rolled out across the board. These are great prerequisites for achieving digital success in a PSD2 world.”

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