James Wallis – Vice President RippleX, Central Bank Engagements and CBDCs


James is a business and operational leader, who innovates to deliver exceptional business results and outstanding client outcomes, from start-up to scale-up.

As a recognized global leader and business developer, he has delivered revenue growth and market expansion with both emerging and established technologies.

James has started and rapidly growing new businesses, and turned-around existing businesses, achieving revenue and profit objectives.

He works on all aspects of go-to-market for blockchain and fintech (payments focussed), including sales, business development, and client engagements.

James helps clients and partners along their blockchain journey through engaging on: Use Cases | Business Models | Technology Platforms | Implementations | Consortia Building | Network and Ecosystem Expansion.

Nicolas teaches Blockchain in prestigious schools like Columbia Edu, Polytechnique, Telecom ParisTech, Institut Mines-Telecom or HEC.

Current big-trends-made-a-reality are Stable Coins, Quantum Resistant Cryptography and Artificial Intelligence.

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