Jean Bucur – Strategy Consultant – Cryptocurrency and Digital Currency Office at National Bank of Romania


Mr. J. C. Bucur is currently supervising the activity of  the Cryptocurrency and Digital Currency Office of the National Bank of Romania Chancellery, an institution where he has been previously active for over ten years within the Monetary policy, Payments and Supervision Departments.
His expertise is based on his information and communication technology background, having been employed as a researcher in the field of operating systems and computer networks for the Institute of Computer Technology.
During the course of his career he has designed and implemented the core banking software of CEC Bank, (functional even today after 20 years), as well as an ERP software that implemented a programmable software robot used to calculate salaries.
In his role as Under Secretary of State he has promoted digitalization through his direct involvement in implementing Order 553/2019, regarding the procedure regulation for approving electronic payment instruments with remote access, as well as the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 49/2019 on alternative transport activities. Mr. Bucur has also  been involved in activities of implementation for the development of eIDAS nodes and authentication/enrollment using modern procedures.

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