Nocashevents Let’s talk about challenger banks! Monese is coming to Banking 4.0

Let’s talk about challenger banks! Monese is coming to Banking 4.0

Monese has provided basic banking on smartphones since 2015. It gives people in the UK and abroad a chance to experience streamlined, modern finance.

Besides being completely mobile cand making your money accessible on the go, Monese takes mobility a step further than the rest, allowing customers to create an account without a UK address.

This feature is what makes Monese unique: the ability for anyone to open an account anywhere in the UK or continental Europe. Whether or not you have a UK address, a credit history or fixed income, you can access Monese and open an account today. The app is currently available to anyone in the European Economic Area.

Monese is completely portable across dozens of countries across Europe and, if you move to another country, your Monese account comes with you.

Today, only after four years from launching, Monese is already available in 31 European countries. Responsible for this international expansion of Monese is Lauri Haav, an experienced business leader who is also building sales and customer support functions in B2B and B2C.

Lauri Haav has been building a B2B e-commerce business for 12 years as a co-founder before joining Monese in 2016 as the Head of Customer Loyalty; Data driven approach, setting up KPI’s and quality standards. Introducing new tools, AI and ML.

Lauri’s current challenge at Monese is taking the business global. He will be one of the international experts invited at Banking 4.0. You can find him in the panel dedicated to (fintech) banking, in the first day of the event. Don’t forget to book your ticket here!

Monese launched in September 2015 as the first 100% mobile current account in the UK. Fast forward to the present day and Monese have opened tens of thousands of mobile only, on-demand current accounts for customers all over the UK and in 30 EU countries, including Romania.

Monese have been officially named ‘Best Challenger-Bank’ in Europe and have even been awarded €1.1 million by the European Commission for research and innovation!

The company announced at the beginning of May 2019 that 1 million people had signed up for a bank account with the firm. Customer growth has tripled in 2018.

With 75% of incoming funds being from salary payments, and a 9.2/10 TrustPilot score, Monese is one of the most popular and trusted banking services in the UK and Europe.

Demand for Monese across mainland Europe surpassed that of the UK in November 2018, and in March 2019, two-thirds of all sign-ups to Monese were in mainland Europe.

The company claim that over 3,000 people sign up to Monese daily and customers are moving over $3 billion each year through their Monese accounts.