Madalin Muraretiu – CEO at Sphynx Network

Madalin Muraretiu is an alchemist in blockchain technology, currently co-founder at Coinsiglieri – The Crypto Agency, delivering disruptive projects worldwide.

CEO at Sphynx Network, a decentralized protocol that is improving the fundamental nature of DeFi by introducing NFTs. This shifts the entire architecture of yield farming and liquidity mining as we know it and upgrades it to non custodial forms of NFT staking, where custody of assets is not renounced any longer in the process of accruing rewards.
Madalin also aims to deal with the MEV (maximal/miner extractable value) issue that is growing alongside crypto adoption and decentralization using private mempools technology and bundled transactions to provide a fair sequencing services protocol.

Twelve years involved in trading the financial markets and developing the business for several financial companies around the world, including Playtech PLC, justifies his visionary strategy when it comes to DeFi infrastructures and monetization.

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