Manda Liviu – Co-founder and CEO of IMPERIUM – The Crypto Index


He is the owner of 3 companies which deliver high quality premium finishings work in the biggest real estate developments in Bucharest. The biggest developer his companies are working with is ONE United Properties. He started the entrepreneurship in construction in 2016 with his first company. He took a loan of 20.000 euros from his family and managed to achieve in 5 years a turnover exceeding 3 million euros.

Beside investing in the development of the construction companies he started investing in real estate, indexes and crypto as early as Q1 of 2017 having in mind a long term perspective of the investments.
In Q1 of 2021 he started working with his partners Vlad Manda & Andrei Corobea-Birceanu on the concept of an investing tool similar to S&P 500 but crypto related. The concept was finished in Q3 of 2021 with its final version which is now broadly known as IMPERIUM – The Crypto Index.

IMPERIUM – The Crypto Index aims to offer its investors a means of following the best projects in the crypto space and also a means of investing in these crypto projects according to their market cap weight in the specific top. Owned by 3 professionals in their fields of activity and with the support of a very professional and dedicated team of partners (marketing, project management, legal, software development etc.), IMPERIUM – the Crypto Index is set to become the world’s reference index regarding the health of the entire crypto economy to its IMPERIUM ∑ which reflects the evolution of the crypto ecosystem as a whole.
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