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Nocashevents Marilena Ignat - Executive Partner - Customer Success Experience at

Marilena Ignat is an experienced banking executive, with +15 years of expertise spanning risk management, portfolio, and project management. In her role as Executive Director at BCR-ERSTE, she worked on change management projects in risk and mortgage lines of business.

She is now Executive Partner with [FLOWX.AI]( She helps Financial Services customers adopt and develop digital journeys and new digital business models. Typical projects she oversees are digital onboarding, lending, mortgage, embedded finance, and partner ecosystem management.

[FLOWX.AI]( enables financial institutions and large enterprises to rapidly transform their employee and customer-facing processes into unified, omnichannel digital apps. The platform doesn’t require changes in legacy technology or deep tech skills.

FLOWX.AI pioneered the ZeroRedeploy™ architecture which allows for instant app changes across all environments – whether mobile or web. This architecture ensures 10x-100x efficiency versus traditional development or the current generation of low-code-no-code tools. [FLOWX.AI]( is used by large and complex enterprises from Financial Services – such as the largest bank in SEE – Banca Transilvania – and Asirom Vienna Insurance Group, as well as enterprise clients in the energy and utility sector – such as OMV-Petrom.

In November 2021, less than a year since it was founded, [FLOWX.AI]( closed one of the largest seed rounds in Europe, at $8.5 million. The round confirms the magnitude of the problem we set out to solve: freeing enterprises from the binds of their legacy systems and helping them go as digital as they want. For more information, please visit [](

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