Mikhail Gordeev – Head of New Products at Austria Card

Nocashevents Mikhail Gordeev - Head of New Products at Austria Card

In this position, he is in charge of definition of product and service propositions in the emerging payment technologies landscape.

Since joining Austria Card 17 years ago, Mikhail moved through a number of positions covering services portfolio and technical product management for payment chip cards, mobile payment solutions, eID, software tools and applications and at a later stage, leading the product management team.

From 2012 to 2017, he was Member of the Board at Smart Payment Association (SPA). Mikhail holds a PhD in computer technology from Vienna University of Technology, where he worked as a research assistant.

He has strong knowledge of: payment card market, digital payment solutions, EMV card issuing, EMV, EMV specifications, payment solutions, contactless payment, contactless mobile payment, NFC, Trusted Service Manager (TSM), smart card product design and certification, smart card operating systems, chip cards, information security, eID, RFID, product management, Java Card, smart card ICs, security evaluation, payment device certification.

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