Nocashevents Minutizer

Nume domeniu: minutizer.com

. Anul infiintarii: 2013
. Orasul in care activeaza (city of operations):Bucharest, Finland, Mexico
. Membrii echipei (numar):19
. Industria (ex. servicii financiare): Financial Services
. Sectorul de activitate (ex: transfer de bani): Real time payments – Pay-per-minute plugin for Skype video/audio calls
. Tehnologia folosita: PHP + Electron + C#

. Scurta descriere a companiei:

Minutizer is a payment system for live online interactions.
Pay-per-minute plugin for Skype or any other IM video/audio calls. Real time payments for real time services. Pay as you go, per minute, for Skype learning sessions. Pay upfront (prepay) for Skype session from your favorite service provider (teacher, lawyer, coach, nutrition specialist, spiritual trainer etc.)
Add funds once. Pay for multiple sessions, from multiple service providers. Real time history of your transactions & calls. Transform your Skype into a gateway to world wide knowledge providers.

. Problema pe care o rezolva:

We’ve built the technology that allows anyone from the modern society to receive financial rewards for sharing their time and knowledge with others.

. Solutia propusa (ce o face unica):

Solutia propusa (ce o face unica/cum se diferentiaza fata de alte solutii): The only pay-per-minute for Skype solution offered through a plugin developed by us.

. Model de business (customer Focus: B2B sau B2C): B2B2C

. Stadiul actual al afacerii: It’s a product that is already being used across the globe and creates revenue
. Fonduri atrase (mii euro): Self Funded
. Persoana de contact: nume, pozitie, email /mobil: Raluca Alexandra Covrig, Head of Business Development, raluca@minutizer.com, / 0734 961 425