Ovidiu Ghiman – Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder at Ronin


Ovidiu has 23 years of experience in telecom, at Digi and Telekom groups. Until September 2021, he was the B2B director of Telekom. A month later, he joined the Ronin team and began a new adventure in an innovative field that democratizes access to finance: crowd-funding.

Ronin is an investment platform in startups and companies that need financing for scaling, in as many fields as possible.

The platform makes it easier for any European citizen to become an investor with a minimum contribution of 100 euros to support their favorite project. Thus, Ronin wants to generate “real crowd”, investors who will provide not only the necessary financing to the company, but also market validation.

Rōnin imagined a world where resources and opportunities are available for the many, through the many. Oh, and the system is blockchain‐solid and crystal‐transparent.

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