Nocashevents Pluridio

Nume domeniu:

. Anul infiintarii: 2017
. Orasul in care activeaza (city of operations): Bucharest
. Membrii echipei (numar): 2
. Industria (ex. servicii financiare): financial software / fintech
. Sectorul de activitate (ex: transfer de bani): corporate treasury – payments, receivables and cashflow optimization

. Tehnologia folosita: Microsoft .NET + SQL Server – server/client architecture

. Scurta descriere a companiei: The company was born from a stringent Treasury Sales Desk business needs for the treasury departments in the banking sector (TSS – Pluridio Treasury Sales System) as no comparable dedicated solution was commercially available worldwide.
The founders are several longtime friends with complementary skills, both business (banking treasury experience of more than 12 years) and technical expertise at international level.
In 2017 analysis and design started on a complementary solution for the corporate sector – Pluridio Corporate Treasury System – covering a sector with very few local solutions and implementations.

. Problema pe care o rezolva:

Corporate companies treasury departments needs in Romania:

* Lack of a dedicated solution for the Treasury departments within companies and group of companies
* Lack of a centralized solution to replace the need for manual login, accounts balance check and payments approval bank by bank using different authentication models and devices (tokens, SMS, etc.) for each bank:
* Lack of a live overview of available cash in all bank accounts into one single screen
* Lack of a live centralized secured point of approval for creation and optimized execution of multibank payments
* Lack of automated intra-day multibank cash pooling / cash sweep solutions independent from the banks (not dependent on any bank)
* Lack of online cash flow / cash pooling management tools (multibank)
* Lack of automated cashflow forecast tools to replace manual inputs and the use of Microsoft Excel Tools with manual intervention
. Solutia propusa:
We approach the problems from a corporate treasury department view. Our solution is independent of any bank and any ERP solution provider acting as a “stand alone” solution rather than an add-on module to a bank or a ERP system. Pluridio CTS (Corporate Treasury System) is a centralized treasury management system designed for a corporate company offering:
* Live and synchronized integration with all banking accounts into one single screen
* Live and integrated single point of creation and approval of multibank payments
* Live cashflow forecast generation & integration with company ERP
* Support for groups of companies with centralized treasury activity – multi-entity / multi-company / group of companies

Our solution is incorporating EACT (European Association of Corporate Treasurers) internal standards and documentation under development – “Treasury IT Solutions European Guidelines”.
. Model de business: B2B (installation, license and maintenance fees)
. Stadiul actual al afacerii: under development – proof of concept implementation under negotiation
. Fonduri atrase (mii euro):
. Persoana de contact: nume, pozitie, email /mobil: Marius Ionescu, CEO,<>, 0728290156