Nocashevents Raul Popa, CEO & Data Scientist at TypingDNA

Raul Popa, CEO & Data Scientist at TypingDNA

Nocashevents Raul Popa, CEO & Data Scientist at TypingDNA

Entrepreneur, generalist, problem solver, idea person, AI geek, UX focused, full stack developer, data scientist, social psychologist, husband, father and believer. Techstars NYC alumnus, cofounded multiple startups, launched and grew several innovative projects that reached millions of users and serious MRR.

He studied Statistics, Data Analysis, Quantitative methods, Social psychology and Sociology at Universitatea „Babeș-Bolyai” in Cluj-Napoca. Raul completed multiple certified online courses on machine learning at Stanford University.

At TypingDNA we recognize people by the way they type. Apps can now enable passive two-factor authentication (2FA) by looking at how people type. This translates to happier users and negative churn.

I started TypingDNA after years of playing with machine learning for side projects, user behavior analysis and other pattern recognition problems. When I discovered that typing biometrics technology was really promising but not ready for production yet I felt an urge to get into it and make it work.

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