Nocashevents SIA: Gold Partner at “Banking 4.0” international conference, November 27, 2018, in Bucharest

SIA: Gold Partner at “Banking 4.0” international conference, November 27, 2018, in Bucharest

SIA is an European leader in the design, creation and management of technology infrastructures and services for Financial Institutions, Central Banks, Corporates and the Public Sector.  The company is able to render its services in 48 countries. It operates through subsidiaries in Austria, Germany, Romania, Hungary and South Africa. The company also has branches in Belgium and the Netherlands, and representation offices in the UK and Poland.

A world leader comes to Bucharest

In November 2018, SIA will be present at “Banking 4.0” international conference as GOLD Partner and the company”s experience in payments, cards, network services and capital markets will be instrumental to the success of the event.

Launching SIAchain

Recently SIA announced the availability of the SIAchain, a private infrastructure created to develop, in a secure and protected manner, innovative Blockchain applications based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).
SIAchain makes a series of business applications available to communities of registered, approved members (be they financial institutions, corporates or public administration bodies) in which transparency, confidentiality and security are guaranteed as shared rules.

A strategic partnership: SIA and R3

SIAchain is at the heart of the strategic partnership between SIA and R3 aimed at speeding up the global development and adoption of blockchain applications. In November 2017, SIA and R3 have launched a strategic partnership aimed at speeding up the global development and adoption of blockchain applications by leveraging SIAnet’s 600 nodes provided to financial institutions, corporates and public administrations.

In the following short video Nicolò Romani, Head of Innovation SIA, talks about the extraordinary variety of business applications a “permissioned” blockchain infrastructure could lend itself to, the impact it will have in the financial sector and whether it represents a revolution at global level.

A conference on how to stay relevant in a disrupted world

“Banking 4.0: is a conference where specialists in the financial and payments industry come to analyze top emerging technologies set to disrupt the fintech industry.

The “Banking 4.0” conference sections are: Instant payments, Cyber security, Authentication, Biometrics, Blockchain use in banking processes optimization, Artificial Intelligence + The Conversational Economy.  The event will host a special anniversary feature: 10 year of contactless payments in Romania and a look forward to the next 10 years.s

“Banking 4.0” will gather in the audience representatives from Banking and Banking Industry Associations, Leasing, Non-financial institutions, Payment companies, Retailers (on-line and off-line), Production (manufacturing), Telecoms, Consulting companies, Fintechs specialized in Instant payments/Cyber security/Authentication/Biometrics/Blockchain/Artificial Intelligence, Authorities (NBR, ANPCS).

Article by Robert Zanescu, Senior Marketing Partner – Nocash

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