Stefan Biji – Strategic Business Developer – co-owner Elly Romania


With a background in Economics, with studies in Marketing and Business Administration in France, working in sales and business development for more than 10 years in FMCG multinationals management, he started a new period in his career in 2000 in software development.

Working in different companies, both Romanian and foreign, learning how automation, BI, RPA, and BPO solutions can bring a lot of benefits to a regular company, he moved his interests to the M&A section because companies are more and more interested in strengthening their position on the market.

Absorption and fusion are the most common ways for a company to get bigger in a short time but for this, you need first to spot the potential one, to have clear due diligence, and was done together with EY Romania.

In 2020 he was appointed as the Strategic Business Development Offices for Elly brand in Romania which is the app that includes Go Crypto offline payments, the only offline solution for paying with cryptocurrency anything starting with a coffee and ending with a house.

This solution is designed to be included in any existing ERP or other software solution, using API. This way Go Crypto and Elly open the gate for the new payments in cryptocurrency being also connected to all actual paying methods like digital ones widely used -AliPay, WeChat Pay, or Buy Now Pay Later BNPL

Offline crypto payments represent a new direction which together with the blockchain technology shows a new path for modern trading.

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