Ștefan Tănase – Senior Accounting And Tax Consultant Within JASILL Accounting & Business

Stefan Tanase is a senior consultant within JASILL Accounting Business in Crypto Accounting Team, focused on implementing fiscal policies and their integration in the blockchain field. He is also involved in the fiscal set-up of new emergent blockchain-based businesses, with extensive experience in the emission and transaction of cryptocurrencies.

The work group that Stefan works in is one of the pioneers in this area. Previously, Stefan has worked in the financial domain for the last 5 years and has been involved in the crypto universe since 2018. Although a newcomer in the field, Stefan has structured and translated the transactional flow of the most renowned crypto exchange in Romania into accounting language.

Furthermore, Stefan is interested and involved in streamlining the fiscal solutions applicable in the field of blockchain, wanting to simplify and digitalize bureaucratic procedures. He sees crypto more than an investment opportunity, considering it to be a real tool for safe and transparent money transfers and advocates for the adoption of blockchain on a much larger scale in entrepreneurship and start-ups.

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