Deloitte study: banks’ profitability to decrease over the next year and to return to current levels in 2026. Embedded finance is an opportunity that will generate estimated revenues of USD 230 billion by 2025.

In the current difficult macroeconomic context, for the next two to three years banks can take advantage of embedded finance opportunity, which refers to the integration of financial services into the backend of nonfinancial third-party platforms, which, according to the report, is set to explode, with expected revenues reaching up to US$230 billion until 2025, which accounts for a tenfold increase. For example, banks could supplement shopping experiences with personal […]

New research reveal surge in B2B embedded finance demand. B2B Businesses choose fintechs as their preferred embedded finance provider as use cases expand.

New research conducted by Juniper Research in collaboration with Galileo Financial Technologies, a leading financial technology company owned and operated independently by SoFi Technologies, Inc., reveals most U.S. B2B businesses are not only familiar with embedded finance, but they are already offering an embedded finance solution. The top three critical business pain points being solved by embedded finance today are: customer retention, cash flow management and revenue growth. The research, published as the Galileo […]

The future of finance is embedded

an article written by Panagiotis Kriaris – Head Of Business Development at Unzer Embedded finance is proving to be the next big thing in financial services with its impact set to reverberate across industries. Let’s take a look. Simply defined embedded finance has to do with incorporating financial services into non-FS offerings. Perhaps we don’t realize it at first glance, but chances are that we have all been using embedded […]

6 areas of innovation that are crying out for embedded finance

Wherever money flows through digital platforms, embedded finance can be the game-changer. Once plugged in, embedded finance can speed up payments, automate processes and streamline the user experience. It’s a powerful cost saver and revenue generator. The only limit is the imagination of the innovator building the solution. From managing employee expenses and supplier payments to making property and freelancer marketplaces more convenient to use, there are plenty of sectors […]

The barrier to entry for Embedded Finance is too damn high

an article written by Dilip Ramachandran When I was leading the product team at Bond, my vision was to significantly lower the barrier to entry for brands to embed financial services into their products. What does this mean? Imagine you are a product manager at Nike, responsible for the online e-commerce store. What are the ways you could increase sales and distribution of footwear products? Common answers might be: NPI […]

Embedded finance: a double-edged sword for traditional financial institutions

Collaboration will be the key for financial institutions to leverage embedded solutions an article written by Rajeeb Gurung Embedded finance is one of the biggest trends set to impact the financial industry this decade. The implementation of the PSD2 directive, and the introduction of open banking services, were the prelude to embedded finance, which has integrated certain banking services into retailer and e-commerce platform experiences. According to Joris Hensen, founder […]

BANKING 4.0 – the autumn edition – November 22 & 23 – focused on the EMBEDDED strategy

Fasten your seat belts for cloudy banking in a recessionary world: from all lock-down to everything price-up. The pandemic supercharged digital banking—and this shift created an array of new challenges and imposed banks to develop new business models, which allowed flows to be optimized and operational performance to be improved. Forced by lock-down, banks have invested heavily in digitization. But despite the amounts invested, banks still have – more or […]

NOCASH Gala has confirmed its keynote speaker

Arturo Gonzales Mac Dowell will deliver the keynote speech in the opening of the NOCASH Gala, themed “Embedded finance & the future of banking”. Arturo is the President & CEO of Eurobits Technologies – „the dean of open banking in Europe” as he likes to describe his company. In 2004, as general manager, he was assigned the responsibility of launching and managing Eurobits Technologies*. Arturo is a fintech banking expert […]