Worldline launches virtual showroom in Metaverse

Worldline, a global leader in payment services, announces it is one of the first payments companies to enter the Metaverse with the launch of a dedicated virtual showroom. „The company aims to bridge the gap between the network of virtual worlds and the real world for e-Commerce enterprises and provide its merchants with the opportunities needed to benefit fully from the incredible potential the Metaverse has to offer,” according to […]

Web3 entertainment on an internet scale. Age of Zalmoxis is one of the most exciting gaming projects in the Elrond ecosystem. The studio that creates the game comes to Banking 4.0.

Web3 technologies are set to open new horizons for gaming. They will unlock value created within the confines of each product. Players will be able to truly own their assets and achievements, and use them across the vast space of interoperable environments orchestrated by blockchain technology. For these spaces to finally fuse into what will be collectively known as The Metaverse, the underlying blockchain networks will have to be truly […]

Mastercard lists trademarks in the metaverse

Mastercard has filed 15 NFT and metaverse trademark applications as part of a wide-ranging plan to extend its payment processing system, slogans and branding into the new virtual economy, Finextra reports According to the filings Mastercard sees five key applications for its services in the metaverse: . “Downloadable music files authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs); . “Marketplaces for digital goods and NFT backed media” . “Processing of virtual credit card, virtual debit […]