Romanian Central Bank approves Elrond acquisition of e-money institution Twispay

The Romanian Central Bank, in a landmark decision with implications for the evolution of digital finance in Europe, has approved the acquisition of Twispay by Elrond. Twispay is a financial institution licensed to provide payment services and to issue electronic money in accordance with the legislation in force and with the authorization received from the National Bank of Romania. Moreover, Twispay is a principal member of Visa (for issuing Visa […]

The National Bank of Romania announces the launch of the FinTech Innovation Hub project

Fintech Innovation Hub is a platform for dialogue with companies developing innovative public interest solutions in the area of payment and financial services (FinTech). Thus, the NBR aims to support the market developments in payment and financial services as well as to bring innovation monitoring into line with European trends in the area of payment services and payment instruments, in order to ensure their security and safety. “The FinTech Innovation […]