Joint industry letter on PSD2-SCA implementation for cards. European Banking Federation, Visa and Mastercard recommend EBA an additional timeframe of 18 months.

European Payment Institutions Federation (EPIF), European Association of Payments Service Providers For Merchants (EPSM), European Banking Federation (EBF), European Hotel Forum (EHF), Ecommerce Europe, EuroCommerce, Visa and Mastercard, has taken the lead on a further joint industry letter to the EBA on SCA Implementation. The organisations jointly share the goal of a harmonised EU implementation of SCA. In a first instance they have therefore called on the EBA to use […]

The Hungarian National Bank provides card issuers and acquirers an additional 12 months to comply with PSD2 strong customer authentication

On 10 September 2019, the Hungarian National Bank (HNB) issued a press release (available in English here) in which it provides Hungarian cards issuers and acquirers with additional time to comply with the PSD2 strong customer authentication (SCA) requirements, as implemented within Hungarian, but only in relation to online card-based payments. Pursuant to PSD2 and the related regulatory technical standards for strong customer authentication and common and secure open standards of […]

Banks and TPPs provide update of their joint PSD2 task force to the European Commission

Following the Joint Statement between the ECSAs and TPP associations, banks and TPPs now write to provide the European Commission with an update from the Joint PSD2 Task Force. In the Joint Statement, banks and TPPs agreed on some topics, together with progress made so far: 1. The parties agree to call upon ASPSPs to provide contingency relevant documentation in their developer portals, more specifically on TPP identification and use of […]

PSD2: BaFin announces postponing SCA-rules for online credit card payments in Germany

The requirement of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for payment service providers was scheduled for 14 September 2019. Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), however, just announced it will not insist on SCA-rules to be followed immediately to avoid disruption for payments online. As a temporary measure, payment service providers domiciled in Germany will still be allowed to execute credit card payments online without strong customer authentication after 14 September 2019. […]

UK’s Financial Conduct Authority to delay enforcement of new EU online payments regulations by more than 18 months

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority is set to delay enforcement of PSD2’s SCA by more than 18 months, after warnings that the rules would threat online sales, according to Financial Times. New “strong customer authentication” rules, which will require most online payments to go through an extra level of verification to reduce fraud, are due to be introduced in September, but industry groups said that a lack of preparedness would make […]

PSD2: transitional period for strong customer authentication for online card payments in Italy

In accordance with the decisions taken at European level, the Bank of Italy has decided to provide the Italian financial industry additional time to complete the adjustments required by law concerning the security of card-based online payments. The second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and the related regulatory technical standards set 14 September 2019 as the deadline for the mandatory adoption by banks and other payment service providers of strong customer […]

The European body representing the interests of payments service providers for merchants calls for 18-month extension to SCA rules under PSD2

The European trade association (EPSM) fears that the uncoordinated delegation of the migration plan responsibilities to national competent authorities will lead to a very heterogeneous situation within the European Union. Therefore, EPSM recommends that „all regions should agree an additional timeframe of 18 months for standard applications, as well as up to 36 months for challenging applications, such as those in the travel and hospitality sector.”, according to a press release. […]