RE/MAX Romania enters into a partnership with Tradesilvania to make real estate trading with cryptocurrencies possible

RE/MAX Romania, which is a part of the real estate world leader and the number 1 franchise in this segment globally, announces its entering into a partnership with Tradesilvania, a digital investment platform specialized in cryptocurrency trading, which is meant to offer customers the opportunity to make secure real estate transactions by means of digital assets. This partnership, unique in Romania, is a trend that also exists on other markets […]

The cryptocurrency trading platform Tradesilvania says it is launching the world’s first certification for crypto miners. It is estimated that 10,000 of them are in Romania alone!

The company in Cluj estimates that it will issue between 500 and 1000 crypto mining certificates this year. These will be issued for its own customers in Romania, where the number of crypto miners is estimated at 10,000 companies and individuals, as well as for its customers in the European Economic Area. Cryptocurrency mining is the process of creating new tokens by solving algorithmic problems. This includes computing systems equipped […]

Din 10 persoane care au auzit de criptomonede, 4 detin sau au detinut criptomonede iar 8 intentioneaza sa cumpere in viitor. 45% dintre utilizatorii de internet, cu vârsta cuprinsă între 18-55 ani, doresc ca bancile din Romania sa ofere servicii crypto – studiu.

Patru din zece români deţin sau au deţinut criptomonede şi 84% au de gând să facă astfel de investiţii, ceea ce demonstrează un interes mare pentru acest domeniu, se arată într-un studiu realizat de Ipsos România la solicitarea Dintre cei care au auzit de crypto, 84% intentioneaza sa achizitioneze criptomonede in viitor. Cel mai recent studiu Ipsos, realizat un studiu în rândul românilor conectați la internet, cu vârsta cuprinsă între 18-55 ani, pentru […]