Nocashevents TypingDNA

Nume domeniu: typingdna.com

. Anul infiintarii: 2016
. Orasul in care activeaza (city of operations): Oradea, Bucharest, NYC (starting this Jan)
. Membrii echipei (numar): 5
. Industria (ex. servicii financiare): Cybersecurity
. Sectorul de activitate (ex: transfer de bani): Strong Customer Authentication – Online fraud and account takeover prevention
. Tehnologia folosita: We rely heavily on data engineering and deep learning algorithms to perform real-time authentications based on typing behavior.

. Scurta descriere a companiei:

TypingDNA (Techstars NYC ’18) is a cybersecurity SaaS company which develops proprietary AI-based behavioral biometrics technology. We focus ontyping biometrics (or keystroke dynamics), identifying users based on how they use their keyboards. Flight and dwell times (the time needed to find a key and the time needed to press a key) measured for a text that is only a few characters long is enough for us to do real-time authentications.

. Problema pe care o rezolva:

Online fraud is at its highest ever level. Regulators put pressure on financial institutions to strengthen cybersecurity practices. Poor user experience of present solutions (e.g. SMS 2FA) drives customers away from using the services. TypingDNA’s typing biometrics allow businesses and their users to be protected against account take-overs and online fraud without burdening the user experience. The main applicability is in passive fraud prevention and 2FA. Here are some demos to try out.

. Solutia propusa (ce o face unica):

– High security is driven by our unparalleled accuracy (FAR as low as 0.15%) and by the complexity of mimicking behavior.
– Great user experience is warranted by the fact that we work passively, wherever the user types (e.g. username + password, credit card details, chat).
– Deployment is quick and easy as everything runs through our API.

. Model de business (customer Focus: B2B sau B2C): B2B
. Stadiul actual al afacerii: The product is out with customers around the world, generating revenue.
. Fonduri atrase (mii euro): Undisclosed
. Persoana de contact: nume, pozitie, email /mobil: Tudor Goicea, Head of Business Development, tudor@typingdna.com, +40.751.189.661