Virvilios Panos, Marketing Manager at AUSTRIACARD AG

Nocashevents Virvilios Panos, Marketing Manager at AUSTRIACARD AG  Panos has a 15-year+ experience in managing marketing teams and implementing statistical insight researches. Currently, he is the Marketing Manager for AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS. His career includes managerial posts for companies mainly in the U.K. and Greece and has significant skills on digital marketing, strategic analysis and Loyalty programs design and implementation.

One of his major career achievements was creating research tools for media budget setting and allocation on a global scale for an international Media Shop and charting the blueprint for several Loyalty plans across the globe. His managerial skills are quite developed and has worked with diverse teams on multimarket segments.

He has a keen eye for detail in numbers and always relies on them to produce well informed decisions and projects. He holds degrees in Mathematics for Business and Marketing Management.

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